Was the fear of communism justified

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Was america's fear of communism justified?

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How the Fear of Communism Affected American Life During the Early Years of the Cold War

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All the while, Al-Qaeda has yet to simply threaten the United Memories. Red Scare of Mid-Century America: Should America apologize to the world for all the wars brought about by fighting communism? Why is red scare important to us today?

What were the effects of the Red Scare? Historian Yohuru Williams explains how the fear of communist influences in America grew into a phenomenon known as "the Red Scare.". Fear of Communism Caused the Vietnam War Essay Words 7 Pages The Vietnam war has been referred to by many names, one of the longer ones was 'the cornerstone of the free world southeast Asia'.

Apr 26,  · Given the circumstances, one might argue that America’s fear of communism was undoubtedly justified.

What Are the Causes of Fear of Communism in the US?

It was the way this fear was handled that was not only out of control, but oftentimes downright immoral. However, if we have to argue that fear of immigrants was justified, we can do so by pointing to the fact that some immigrants were politically radical during this time, which was also the time.

The fear of Communism infiltration in the U.S. government, entertainment industry and other organizations affected American politics, culture, and even daily life, particularly in the early years of the Cold War.

Was the fear of communism justified
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Red Scare - HISTORY