Utilitarian consequentialist viewpoint in human cloning

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Pg 1 The Ethics of Cloning The Ethics of Human Cloning Sandra Dickey-Smith Comp 1 - Mrs. Reeves August 25, The Ethics of Cloning pg 2 The Ethics of Cloning Human Cloning is the reproduction that involves one parent.

Cloning occurs when a single cell from one parent organism begins to develop and divides. This development organism. According to Thomson and her violinist analogy based argument, if the fetus is thought to be a human being then abortion is not morally permissible.

False All arguments regarding abortion depend on decisions regarding the moral status of the fetus. In the issue of human cloning, a utilitarian viewpoint would argue that it is essential to weigh the pleasure and pain that the idea or action will produce.

Cloning entails the procedure of acquiring genetic material from one living organism to formulate an identical copy of it artificially. Free consequentialism papers, essays, and research papers. Utilitarianism is a Form of Consequentialism - Current utilitarianism was created by mixing Jeremy Bentham’s account for utilitarianism and John Stuart Mill’s account for utilitarianism.

Therapeutic human cloning has the potential significantly to reduce human suffering and enhance human happiness. This is the main ethical argument in its favour.

The main ethical arguments against it centre on questions to do with the moral status of the human embryo. Immanuel Kant & Human Cloning By: Rachel Weinstein Philosophical Theories (Rule Nonconsequentialist) Kant's ideas were influenced by David Hume's ethical theories.


Real-Life Application of Kantian Ethics Most of the pros and cons of human cloning are based on a consequentialist approach.

Utilitarian consequentialist viewpoint in human cloning
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Bioethics: Utilitarianism