To what extent was the atomic

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To what extent did subsequent justification for the atomic bomb exaggerate or misuse wartime estimates for U.S.

To what extent was the use of atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki moral?

casualties stemming from an invasion of. On the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima on August 6,the National Security Archive updates its publication of the most comprehensive on-line collection of declassified U.S.

government documents on the first use of the atomic bomb and the end of the war in the Pacific. To large extent, the atomic bomb is a ‘master card’ to contain Soviet Union rather than a tool to end the Second World War.


It was certain that the Americans were willing to end the war as soon as possible by using atomic bombs. Everything has a price. And the price of powerful rockets with nuclear propulsion is of course the dread horror of deadly atomic radiation. But the danger can be brought under control with appropriate counter-measures, and by treating the power plant with the respect it deserves.

Ok,let's go in parts,first of all,could it be avoided? Yes,to certain extent,at least. Now back to your question:It did shortened the war,the japanese would eventually lose,but you can say american lives were spared,cannot be said for the japanese.

Submerged in so many years of total war, the atomic weapons appeared to be a viable option to end the war quickly, and in the eyes of the Allies, the fear of Japanese casualties was, unfortunately.

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