The earth was flat evolution of

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Myth of the flat Earth

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The Great Awakening – Flat Earth

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This being so, oddly enough, most people described pejoratively as “flat Earthers” do not actually believe that the Earth is flat. Flat earth leader is an evolutionist!

Natalie Wolchover “The Flat Earth Society is an active organization currently led by a Virginian man named Daniel Shenton.

The Flat Earth Society

Flat earthers believe that the sun goes round parallel to the earth disc and it creates an optical illusion of rising and setting because of the size of the plane as well as itself. Interestingly, ancient cultures did not picture it this way.

The Flat Earth Society was originally formed as the Universal Zetetic Society inafter the Greek word zeteo, "to seek". Zeteticism, Shenton says, ­emphasises experience and reason over the ­"trusting acceptance of dogma" – or, it seems, overwhelming evidence.

The Flat Earth Society (yes, it’s actually real) The Flat Earth Society is a real organization led by a Virginian man named Daniel Shenton. Shenton believes in other scientific principles and facts, such as evolution and global warming, but he and his followers also believe that the Earth is a disc that you can fall off of.

In other words. But the majority of YEC in the world accept the Earth is not flat, and deny any association between creationism and flat Earth belief (because understandably it is embarrassing).

Equal Time For Flat-Earth Science

This is despite the ICR (Institute for Creation Research) having flat .

The earth was flat evolution of
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The Great Awakening - Flat Earth - Spontaneous Evolution