Nucleosynthesis of oxygen

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Stellar nucleosynthesis

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Stellar nucleosynthesis

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Are we really all made of stardust?

Processes. There are a number of astrophysical processes which are believed to be responsible for nucleosynthesis. The majority of these occur in within stars, and the chain of those nuclear fusion processes are known as hydrogen burning (via the proton-proton chain or the CNO cycle), helium burning, carbon burning, neon burning, oxygen burning and silicon burning.

Nucleosynthesis A star's energy comes from the combining of light elements into heavier elements in a process known as fusion, or "nuclear burning".

It is generally believed that most of the elements in the universe heavier than helium are created, or synthesized, in stars when lighter nuclei fuse to make heavier nuclei.

1 Nucleosynthesis and Chemical Evolution of Oxygen Bradley S. Meyer Department of Physics and Astronomy Clemson University Clemson. For a movie of Big Bang nucleosynthesis, click here.

For more info, click here. in 's and 60's, predominant theory regarding formation of chemical elements in Universe postulated that all elements produced either in star interiors or during supernova explosions.

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Hydrogen and helium and some lithium, boron, and beryllium were created when the universe was created. See the UVS topic on "The hyperspheric pushed-in gravity" that elaborates on the causality for the mass effect of cognitive paradox that renders the obscured observation for the structure of atom, could thus be meticulously resolved with its underlying structure and mechanism illustrated.

Nucleosynthesis Nucleosynthesis of oxygen
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