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Property Possession and Co-ownership | Land Law Essay Co-ownership is the term used to describe the forms of ownership in which two or more persons are concurrently entitled in possession to an interest or interests in the same property. Land law is concerned with the nature of the right involved in the ownership of land, the legal definition is; “Land” includes land of any tenure, and mines and minerals, This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The ownership of land law. 9 Co Rep a right to an unspoilt view did not exist as. Therefore, the law looks to distinguish between the ownership of the land and the enjoyment of rights under the doctrine of estates.

This is because, as was stated in Walsingham's Case, "the land is one thing, and the estate in the land is another thing, for an estate in the land is a time in the land, or land for a time, and there are.

As mentioned the common law favours joint tenancies, and this has been given statutory backing: co-ownership must take the form of a joint tenancy where it pertains to a legal estate in the land (Law of Property Actss. 1(6) and 36(2)). The law of co-ownership is to be found in the Law of Property Act and the Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Actat common law, which significantly amended the Act in relation to co-ownership.

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Co-ownership of legal title can only be through a joint tenancy (s. 1(6) Law of Property Act ).

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This joint tenancy of a legal estate can not be severed (s(2) Law of Property Act ). The number of joint tenants that can hold legal title is limited to four.

Land law co ownership essay writer
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