Innovation location matters

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Location Matters in Innovation and New Product Development

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Why Does Location Matter?

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Innovation: Location Matters

This paper examines on the one hand the proximity effects on ICT firm’s innovation, on the other hand it verify the similarity of technological and non technological innovation determinants. The impact of the location on innovation is the second in a series of five articles by Gunjan Bhardwaj, head of Ernst & Young´s Global Business Performance Think-tank.

The topics of the other articles are: Disruptive Innovation; Innovation in Networks; Social Innovation; and Business Model Innovation.

Location Matters in Innovation and New Product Development

Location matters. In the twelfth installment of the Health Communication Innovation Webinar Series, presenters shared stories of various applications of geographic information systems (GIS) in social and behavior change communication (SBCC) campaigns.

New research suggests some types of locations promote innovation while others enable speed to market. In trying to promote economic development, businesses and government policy-makers have sought to.

Location Matters. Ohio Innovation Fund has co-invested with every Entrepreneurial Signature Program (ESP) in Ohio, as well as with tech commercialization entities, strategic partners, research institutions, and funds both inside and outside of Ohio.

Innovation: Location Matters

Location matters for innovation, and companies must broaden their approaches to the management of innovation accordingly: by developing and commercializing innovation in the most attractive location, taking active steps to access locational strengths, and proactively enhancing the environment for innovation and commercialization in locations where they operate.

Innovation location matters
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Innovation: Location Matters