Important features of india as an

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10 Important Features of the Constitution of India

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Geographical Features of India

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What Are the Physical Features of India?

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India is the world's biggest producer of mica blocks and mica splittings. India ranks second amongst the world's largest producers of barite and chromite. The Pleistocene system is rich in minerals. India is the third-largest coal producer in the world and ranks fourth in the production of iron ore.

Important Features of the Constitution are described below: The Constitution of a country is the legal document with the help of which a country’s affairs are managed.

It is a combination of many factors, viz., history, values, traditions, ethos, socio-political milieu and alike. Though most of it. India's physical features include the Himalayan mountains, the Indo-Gangetic Plain and finally the plateau region.

The country has a diverse climate, with the north being temperate and the south tending to be sub-tropical. The tall and rugged Himalayan mountains dominate the northern part of India.

The four important features of the Constitution of India are as follows: (1) The Indian Constitution is the most detailed Constitution in the world. It contains as many. India's physical features include the Himalayan mountains, the Indo-Gangetic Plain and finally the plateau region. The country has a diverse climate, with the north being temperate and the south tending to be sub-tropical.

An important consequence, however, was the slicing off of crustal rock from the top of the underthrusting plate. Those slices were thrown back onto the northern edge of the Indian landmass and came to form much of the Himalayan mountain system.

India’s present-day relief features have been superimposed on three basic structural units: the.

Important features of india as an
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Geographical Features of India