Factory farms

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Farm Animal Welfare

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What’s Wrong With Factory Farms?

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Meat Production Continues to Rise

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Factory Farming: Misery for Animals

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Have you ever asked yourself “why is sustainable agriculture is so much better than industrial agriculture?” The table below should give you a quick and easy comparison of the two types of production methods and the benefit of. Factory Farming. 97% of the 10 billion animals tortured and killed each year are farm animals.

Factory farming is an industrial process in which animals and the products they generate are mass produced. Bass Factory Outlet, located at Aurora Farms Premium Outlets®: Established in by George Henry Bass of Wilton, Maine, G.H.

Bass & Co. began with a man on a simple mission - “to make the very best handcrafted shoe.” Since its inception, Bass’s reputation for quality, comfort and durability have paved the way for defining moments in. Factory farms hold large numbers of animals, typically cows, pigs, turkeys, or chickens, often indoors, typically at high densities.

The aim of the operation is to produce large quantities of meat, eggs, or milk at the lowest possible cost.

Intensive animal farming

Also known as factory farms, industrial livestock operations produce the majority of US meat, eggs, and dairy products. Find out why they're awful. And here's a powerful way YOU can make a difference: If we are going to win the fight against factory farming, our campaign needs to be smart, and relentless.

We’re half way there, but to achieve our vision we need 5, people to step up and help fund Make it Possible into and beyond.

As one of the Make it Possible 5, you’ll receive .

Factory farms
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