Employee satisfaction of robi

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employee satisfaction & employee engagement

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This chapter is all about the research that was conducted to get a clear view about the employee satisfaction at Robi Axiata Limited. This part also includes the findings, analysis of those findings and also some important interpretations. So that Robi can get to know whether the implementation of recommended actions is on the right track or not.

whether employee satisfaction and company‟s competitive position have any improvement or not. Increase Employee Satisfaction Robi needs to create another review committee under Research and Development sector.

As the dependent variable of the research is Employee Satisfaction it was very essential to know the level of employee satisfaction regarding the entire environment of Robi. 70% of the employees are satisfied with the environment of Robi.

Employee Satisfaction At of Robi Axiata Limited”. This report also includes information on the products and services of Robi Axiata Limited, the overview of the organization and also facilities they offer to satisfy their employees.

OBJECTIVE OF THE REPORT. Research questions are set to identify the level of satisfaction related to the job prevailing at the present state of satisfaction compared to other contemporary telecom company in the country.

In order to conduct the survey employee of Robi’s head office was taken as sample unit. Employee Satisfaction. Robi Axiata (RAX) Ltd, Robi maintain a positive relation with employees.

But after my observation of employee satisfaction I have found that some of the employees are still not satisfied with the current situation of the organization.

Employee satisfaction of robi
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