Effects of corporal punishment

“Corporal Punishment in Schools and Its Effect on Academic Success” Joint HRW/ACLU Statement

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What Science Says About Using Physical Force To Punish A Child

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The Effects of Corporal Punishment on Children

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Children in a school that uses corporal punishment performed significantly worse in tasks involving "executive functioning" -- psychological processes such as planning, abstract thinking, and delaying gratification -- than those in a school relying on milder disciplinary measures such as time-outs, according to a new study involving two private schools in.

Negative Effects Of and Alternatives To Corporal Punishment Essay surrounding him everywhere he goes. This story is a common occurrence, especially among schools that utilize corporal punishment which is commonly called physical discipline. The research on the effects of corporal punishment achieves a degree of consistency that is rare in social science (HoldenStraus and Stewart ).

This research shows that there is a variety of negative long-term consequences of using physical punishment as a method of family discipline. There is a substantial body of research showing the negative effects of corporal punishment on children, with an increasing focus on the negative consequences of the.

Jul 23,  · The effects of spanking may include less gray matter in certain areas of the brain that have been linked to depression, addiction and self-control. Sep 04,  · The Canadian Paediatric Society, “strongly discourages [original emphasis] the use of physical punishment on children, including spanking.” 52 The American Academy of Pediatrics cautions that “corporal punishment is of limited effectiveness and has potentially deleterious side effects,” and “recommends that .

Effects of corporal punishment
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The long-term effects of corporal punishment