Bad check laws by state

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Commercial Collection Agency Association

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Michigan Legislature

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(4) Unlawful issuance of a bank check in an amount greater than seven hundred fifty dollars is a class C felony.

New York State Law

(5) Unlawful issuance of a bank check in an amount of seven hundred fifty dollars or less is a gross misdemeanor and shall be punished as follows. Searching through each state's statutes, there were no laws in the 50 states banning the use of steering wheel knobs on regular cars. In fact, some states require the use of a steering aid if you are a handicapped person.

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that private citizens can challenge state and local gun laws by invoking the constitutional right to bear arms - the first such ruling in the nation - but. We support America's small businesses.

State Foreclosure Laws

The SBA connects entrepreneurs with lenders and funding to help them plan, start and grow their business. Writing a bad check is a crime if the check writer knew that there were insufficient funds to cover the check and intended to defraud you.

It is also a crime to forge a check or write a fake check.

Short & Long Term Installment Loans

If you believe you are a victim of a crime, report this to your police department, sheriff’s. F lorida firearms laws operate at the state level and can be described as being accommodating compared to other states.


The states policy is "Shall Issue" for a concealed carry license with the licenses being issued to both residents and non-residents. Florida is one of five states that bans open carry although open carry is permitted in some limited situations.

Bad check laws by state
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Bad Check Laws by States-Civil & Criminal Penalties