Algae vegetative structure

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Lithothamnion superpositum

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Reproduction in Algae

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Reproduction in Algae: 3 Modes

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Chara: Occurrence, Structure and Reproduction | Algae

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It is new at the game of the primary academic. The following points highlight the three modes of reproduction in algae. The modes are: 1. Vegetative 2. Asexual 3. Sexual. Mode # 1. Vegetative Reproduction: In this type, any vegetative part of the thallus develops into new individual.

It does not involve any spore. (A) Vegetative Reproduction: It is a simple process of reproduction in algae. By this process thallus divides into small fragments and each part later on gives rise to a new plant. In these algae, cell division takes place on different sides with the result that they become parenchymatous, e.g.

Ulva. Reproduction in Algae: Reproduction in algae takes place by following methods: (A) Vegetative (B) Asexual (C) Sexual. (A) Vegetative Reproduction: It is a simple process of reproduction in algae. Algae lack the various structures that characterize land plants, such as the phyllids (leaf-like structures) of bryophytes, rhizoids in nonvascular plants, and the roots, leaves, and other organs found in tracheophytes (vascular plants).

CHAPTER Algae structure and reproduction. -There is a vast variation in the vegetative structures (thallus) of algae. Chlorophyceae: The members of chlorophyceae exhibit greater diversity in form and the basis of thallus organisation, it can be of following types. Algae are photosynthetic and are widespread in fresh and marine waters where they play an essential role in the aquatic food chain; also found in soil, on rocks, and plants.

Algae are capable of both sexual and asexual reproduction.

Algae vegetative structure
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