A geography of chile

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Geography of Chile

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Chile was first settled as many as 10, years ago. Tribal people gathered in Chile's fertile valleys and on the country's long Pacific Coast. For a short period of time, the Incan civilization entered Chile, but the north was too barren and they did not expand into Chile for long.

Chile Geography

Chile is a long, tapered stretch of land in the south west of Latin America. Its geography extends from the Antarctic in the extreme south to the Atacama Desert in the north, the most arid in the world. Location and Boundaries.

Chile spans three continents. Chile also claims sovereignty oversq mi (1, sq km) of Antarctic territory; the Juan Fernández Islands, about mi ( km) west of the mainland; and Easter Island, about 2, mi (3, km) west. Chile shares borders with three neighboring countries.

Chile's climate is as diverse as its geography. Aside from the obviously extreme climatic conditions of the Andes an the Atacama, however, the country enjoys a comfortable temperate climate.

Chile defeated Bolivia and Peru in a regional war () for the control of the Atacama Desert areas. During that war Chile gained more land to the north and Bolivia lost its outlet to the open sea; proving disastrous (even today) for its economy.

A geography of chile
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